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Tim rocks the keys

Critically acclaimed recording artist, award-winning drummer, Gémeaux Award-nominated composer and music producer, Tim Rideout is a true Digital Renaissance Man.


As comfy on drums, microphone and piano as he is accepting his inner DJ, New Brunswick native Tim Rideout combines live instrumental performance with electronic production techniques, creating rich musical hybrids that speak to instrumentalists and DJs alike.

His talents have afforded him many opportunities of artistic diversity - from playing at the Olympia Theatre in Paris, to winning a New Mexico Music Award and receiving multiple nominations for Quebec’s Gemini Awards (Gémeaux) including Best Original Music in a Television Documentary.

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Featured Video

Tim Rideout RAW: The Full "What is Indie" Interview

In these candid excerpts from director Dave Cool's film "What is INDIE," artist and producer Tim Rideout argues that "proponents of the traditional indie movement are destined for mediocrity" if they can't break free of the traditional dogma and philosophy often associated with the movement.

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