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Composer Tim Rideout's audio production studio creates music for film, television, video games and New Media.

Montreal's FibiiSonic is an exclusive "boutique" studio specializing in music composition and audio production. It offers a premium level of personalized service to a select clientele and utilizes the talents of Gémeaux award-nominated composer and producer Tim Rideout.


In his prolific film and television scores, Rideout employs the industry's latest production and compositional tools for scoring to picture and producing orchestral and electronic music. As a multi-instrumentalist, his live instrumental performances add heightened realism, depth and unique elements to his work. Also an expert audio technician and seasoned music producer, Tim has produced hundreds of tracks for local and international artists.

The Fredericton, New Brunswick native’s moniker has graced the credits of audio-visual productions by the Winter Olympics, CBC, Global TV, Alliance Atlantis, Geordie Productions, Ringling Bros Barnum and Bailey Circus, the SciFi Channel’s Flash Gordon and Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Double Agent by Ubisoft.

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Jack the Explorer

An animated series for kids ages 6-9, Jack is the adventurous tale of a curious blue alien who arrives on Earth from his home planet Beano and befriends a group of kids. Music by Tim Rideout.

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